15 out of 71. November 2014, 1:16am PH time –  Since I am still wide awake and feeling pudgy and industrious, I might as well publish my BAKEEET LIST that I’ve been excited to share with you all. I made at least a couple of things in which I hope to fulfill in this lifetime. […]

  • Protected: ひさしぶり 2021: The most difficult adult year yet

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  • Protected: To Someone I Like That Won’t Commit

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  • Happy 7th Anniversary Baby

    Happy 7th Anniversary Baby

    My dearest Tidbits, You’re amazing! Thanks for staying with me, well you have no choice actually hahaha but you’ve been a great confidant of mine when other social media platforms are crowding me. You’re my solace in this chaotic world. Thank you for the 7 long years that we’ve been together. Cheers to more. All […]

  • To All The Guys I’ve Learned From

    To All The Guys I’ve Learned From

    Dearest Tidbits, This will be very interesting. I never thought I’d write this but I have time now to sit down and share to you all the learnings I got from my dilly-dallying. Guy #1: The First Boyfriend. He whom I first experienced everything. It was good while it lasted. We were friends, dated, broken […]

  • Protected: What stresses you out?

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  • You made me realize….

    You made me realize….

    Hello, Tidbits, It was supposed to be just a plain dinner. A date, that is. And that’s it. That’s how the story should’ve ended. Yet it rolled. And now, I’m stuck by those memories we’ve created, simple, nothing complicated but it stuck on me. I expected nothing. I knew you were fleeting, to begin with, […]

  • Praying for a man

    Praying for a man

    Hello, Tidbits You know baby, love life has taken a backseat in my life for the longest time. I mean, I’ve always been very focused on working towards my goals and that is still my priority right now. However, since I’ve been more open to meeting guys lately I think I was able to know […]

  • Protected: Tormented

    Protected: Tormented

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  • When I’ll die..

    When I’ll die..

    So, I just got a piece of sad news that an acquaintance suddenly died because of an accident. It was devastating for sure. Hence, here I am because that news got me thinking. Time and again, I always say that death is just right around the corner and we need to do what we want […]

  • The best time to not go to Japan

    The best time to not go to Japan

    People have asked me one too many times when is the best time to visit Japan and my constant reply has always been — Japan is always a good idea regardless of the season. The country itself is so diverse that you’ll be in awe especially for the first timers from food to customer service to […]